Oh, hello again.

Talk about a hiatus, sheesh.

One minute I was blogging about my son's first year of life and then POOF! I fell off the face of the earth. Honestly, this blog is such a weird concept to me (still), but Oliver is turning 2 this weekend and there's something telling me to resurrect this space again.

Maybe it's because I worked my ass off last year and didn't really know how to balance my photography career with also writing in this space. Maybe it's because life threw one wild card at us after another and then we sold our house and bought a new one. To top that all off, buying our new house came with many (and I mean many) hurdles to jump through and it was insane. It's the longest story ever, but for the condensed version, here it is: we sold our house within 30 days and closed escrow the same day we opened escrow on our new home. We had an additional 30 days to live in our old house while closing escrow (rent free), but once the 30 days were up, we were required to pay $100/day to live in our old house. Escrow on the new house took longer than expected and instead of dumping $3000 down the drain to live in our old house, we decided to move in temporarily (hah!) with my mom and step-dad. It was only supposed to be 2-3 weeks, but as life would have it, we discovered a handful of critical issues with our new home and didn't end up getting into the house for 8 WEEKS. Yes, you heard me, 8. It was a long and painful (and expensive) process, but we're here now and that's all that matters.

So there you have it! Last year I photographed 21 weddings, over 20 families, and 6 seniors. It was madness. Being a work-at-home mom is no joke, but I try to take each day as it comes. Some days are completely amazing while others leave a lot to be desired. And by that I mean they're terrible. Truly heart-wrenching, exhausting, emotional days with an almost 2 year old.

I've always wanted this space to be a refuge for me to talk about life and motherhood, but when it felt like too much to handle last year, I'm grateful I was able to step away from it. If you still give a hoot about anything written here, awesome. If there's no one even reading this, so what? I'm back and it makes my heart happy to be here again, sharing things with you...whoever you may be.

Here's what we were up to while living with my mom and step-dad - Christmas Tree Farm pictures! Thanks to my soon-to-be sister-in-law Kristen for snapping these for us :)

A First Birthday Party - Where The Wild Things Are

On March 12th we celebrated my sweet baby boy's first birthday (his actual birthday) with a theme to match his bedroom - Where The Wild Things Are! We ate delicious snacks and cake and hung out with our favorite little guy. Oliver had an amazing time and seriously LOVED his cake, as you'll see below. He couldn't get enough and we finally had to pull him away from it and throw him into a quick sink bath before his party ended. We loved having our closest friends and family with us to celebrate O's big day and are so grateful to have this special guy in our lives. Here's to another year!

Twelve Months

I'm so incredibly behind on this post, but WHATEVER. Life happens and then you wake up and your baby is one year old. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. This little boy of ours is awesome. He's my favorite tiny human and I am just in love with watching him learn new things. Motherhood rocks. So, here's my 12 month old and the last of this photo series. I'm stoked to make a book of Oliver's first year and will definitely share it with you here once it's finished! Next week I'll post some shots from his first birthday party - it was perfect and someone seriously LOVED his cake.

These are the Moments

Motherhood is a battlefield. It's bloody, it's tiresome, it's gruesome. It's a never ending demand on your physical and emotional self. It's late nights, puffy eyes, unkempt hair, and luke warm coffee. It's about giving all of yourself and then some to a teething, crazy, restless baby. It's exhaustion in the purest form.

But these moments, these quiet minutes before our daily routine comes to and end, these are the ones I want to remember forever. The snuggles, the cuddles, the goodnight kisses. The same books read over and over again. The warm milk, the eskimo kisses, the sound machine humming in the background. These are the moments to never forget.

Eleven Months

Eleven months came and went. It was like a rumble in the earth's core and then it was over.

My baby is nearing his 1st birthday on the 12th of March and I have no words (yet) for how it's making me feel. Am I sad? Excited? Overwhelmed? We'll see! For now, here's a chubby "baby" for you to look at. He's growing up SO FLIPPING FAST!